il maestro

There is a place in the charm of the ancient Rome, close to Saint Peter, in Vicolo del Farinone 14/15, it is the Savi’s workshop, goldsmiths in Rome. Savi brothers  are famous in the goldsmith area of Rome, since their father, Master Giuseppe began his production in 1937, when he collaborated in the Crescenzi’s workshop, at via dei Condotti. In 1960, he left the prestigious workshop and began his own business in an apartment at Via del Governo Vecchio. Master Giuseppe experience developed an original creativity. His jewelery were elegant and just for special and demanding customers. 

In that background, Piero and Claudio grew up and learnt the real art. In 1977, Piero worked to the Ansuini’s workshop and became expert in gems. Claudio worked with his brother and, together, they began a good partnership and developed the same artistic sensibility.

Twenty years ago, there was an important change in their production. They started to produce holy art and a great variety of ecclesiastical jewelery and objects. Savi brothers became one of the most important brand in the world.  From the classical jewelery, they have been able to reinterpret the medieval style and reconsidered it in a contemporary one.  Pectoral crosses, episcopal rings, croziers  with gems, chalices  and ciborium, monstrances and tabernacles with beautiful engraving and inlays, all works are appreciated so much by the Vatican and the Pope. Savi means attention and accuracy of details. Their works are unique, exclusive and maintain their charm for ever.


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